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Plaza Construction introduces gender neutral worksite signs

Plaza Construction is replacing its men at work signs with new gender neutral signs.

The move it part of a company-wide initiative to attract more women to the industry as it faces its worst skilled worker shortage in decades.

Research has shown that level of gender inequality in construction pay is lower than that of other industries.

Women working in the U.S. earn on average 83 percent of what men earn. However, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), construction industry women earn on average 91.3 percent of what men earn.

Plaza Construction, the seventh largest construction company in New York, said 25 percent of its workforce is comprised of women who work as estimators, project managers and superintendents both in the office and on-site.

“With worker shortages, the company wanted to take an initiative that would be welcoming to women and more female friendly and gender-neutral,” said a spokeswoman.

“Part of the company culture has been to encourage women to join the construction industry, highlighting the great career opportunities, benefits, salaries and opportunities for growth.”

“Men and Women at Work” signs to replace “Men at Work” signs on all Plaza Construction sites.
Employment in construction is predicted to grow by 21.4 percent until 2022, more than double the growth across all industries. With such a fast-paced growth, companies are facing imminent labor shortages, which opens the door further to women for higher-paying, long-term employment opportunities and career paths with solid benefits.

To support women entering the construction field, Plaza offers a mentoring and development program to its new and existing hires.

The company also has a female-friendly work environment offering accommodations to women in balancing their jobs and family lives.

Plaza recently hired four female graduates of the Construction Engineering and Management masters’ program at Columbia University, one of whom worked at the firm as an intern being joining full-time.
At the jobsite in the field, Plaza conducts sensitivity training on creating a gender-neutral workplace environment and has provided separate bathroom facilities checked regularly for cleanliness.

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