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As America starts to reopen, see where crowds are gathering

As America starts to reopen in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, geolocation data firm Advan Research has produced an interactive map of hotspots where people are gathering.

The global map shows locations where 50+ people gather for more than 15 minutes (excluding residences).

It was originally developed for Advan’s primary clients – investors, hedge funds and real estate companies – and for mobile marketing to send everything from ads and promotions to coupons to potential customers.

Now the technology is helping local authorities as well as the general public understand where social gathering is taking place as a way to monitor and manage social distancing.

The information is gathered from anonymized, opt-in data, from cell-phone applications. It shows locations (by city block) where more than 50 people are gathered for more than 15 minutes, as a proxy for social distancing.

Viewers can see where the highest number of people are gathered over time and zoom in to specific towns and neighborhoods to see which are the busiest spots.

The most recent updates were launched today and enable viewers to see county level hotspots and chart which areas of the country are starting to open up first and where people are gathering in greater numbers.

The new map from Advan Research can be viewed here:

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