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Urban American launches app for working man — and manager

TECHWEEK2015Urban American Management, an owner and operator of dozens of multi-family residential buildings throughout the New York metro area, has invested in a software system and mobile-app so that residents, management and maintenance staff can better collaborate and track maintenance work orders more efficiently.

The software’s goal is not only to enhance service to tenants but also limit wasted time and labor expense for landlords and property managers.

The system is called Travtus Advantage and Urban American is currently rolling it out with great success at all of its buildings including those in New Jersey, Astoria,Brooklyn, Harlem and Roosevelt Island.

Urban American owns and manages over 15,000 apartments in the tri-state area.

With unique capabilities not seen in any other system, Travtus Advantage is believed to be the first app of its kind to be used in dense residential buildings in the New York area.

While a number of software platforms have been launched to service the luxury end of real estate, UA is the first company to make such an investment in to focus on enhancing the living experience of the area’s workforce communities.

“It can be frustrating on both sides when either the handyman or the tenant doesn’t show up on time,” said James Eisenberg, a principle at Urban American. “With this app, UA’s dispatchers can make an appointment, track and manage the entire experience from when our staff gets there, to the tenant’s signed approval right on the handyman’s phone.

“Staff can upload photos of completed work or conditions that might need extra time or materials. All along the way, tenants get confirmation emails or texts to keep them informed, including a photo of who is coming to their apartment.
“This is critical for UA’s tenants because most are working families and young professionals who can’t afford to take too many days off work just to get a faucet fixed.”

According to Eisenberg, the system establishes accountability on all sides.


He explained, “It allows us to track how quickly work orders are completed and reduces need for expensive overtime.

“Over the course of the year, this can save us hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost productivity, which means more money to invest back into the property.”

“One of the coolest features on the customer service side,” says Antoinette Travaglino, a senior operations manager at Urban American. “If a tenant’s not home when the super gets there, he just taps a button on the app and a text is sent to the tenant.”

The tenant can then contact the office right away to reschedule another appointment. Many times the super can be quickly re-routed back to the site.

“Now you don’t have to panic if you need to move your car or walk the dog. We’ve got your back.”

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