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Manager adds drone to property tool kit

Matthew Adam Properties, a residential property manager, has instituted the use of a drone to supplement its property manager services.

The company is apparently the first residential manager in the city to use this technology.

The drone assists the superintendent and building manager in viewing the side of buildings for issues difficult to see with the naked eye from street level.


It has been used to inpsect exterior conditions, monitor contractors work and examine building installations.

Ira Meister, president and founder of Matthew Adam Properties, said the hi-definition drone has more than paid for itself in the brief time it’s been in use.

“New York is a vertical city and certain aspects of managing and taking care of a property are difficult,” Meister said. “The drone is a natural adjunct to our work.”

Recently, the firm used the drone to inspect the underside of an extended cornice on a high-rise co-op.

“We saved the co-op a significant expenditure, greatly reduced the time it took to inspect the area and cut down on inconvenience for residents and pedestrians,” Meister said.  “Without the drone, we would have had to erect scaffolding. What could have taken weeks was done in minutes.”

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