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Legal team to tackle toughest tax issues

Duval & Stachenfeld LLP has launched a Tax Controversy Practice Group.

The group will meld the expertise of the firm’s tax, litigation, not-for-profit, real estate and general counseling practices into an integrated practice group that is dedicated to protecting the firm’s clients from adverse results in controversies or other situations in which there is a real risk of actual liability, litigation from the government or a third party, or reputational damage.

The practitioners who head this practice group all take pride in crafting solutions to tax-related problems that are at the same time creative, aggressive (if necessary) and honorable.

Bruce Stachenfeld
Bruce Stachenfeld

Bruce Stachenfeld, one of the firm’s founders and managing partner, noted, “Often, adverse tax situations are merely punted to accounting firms; however, accounting firms may not have the necessary expertise in litigation that is typically required.

“In addition, conversations with accountants are not necessarily privileged; however, conversations with attorneys are. I expect this practice group to be of great – although hopefully very rare – use to our clients.”

Stephen Land, Chair of the Firm’s tax department, stated, “The partners leading the Tax Controversy Practice Group represent an unparalleled level of expertise in dealing with adverse tax situations from all angles. Taxes are a material part of the economic life of every person and every business. But sometimes complications arise and put people and businesses at severe risk. This new practice group leverages the firm’s expert handling of adverse tax situations with good solid thinking, high-level strategy and critical analysis.”

Allan Taffet, Chair of the Firm’s litigation department added, “Having access to experienced tax litigation advice at the earliest stage of an adverse tax situation most often makes the difference in whether the outcome is successful. At D&S, we will address these situations with the three mantras of our practice group: creativity – aggressiveness – honor.”

The partners who will lead this practice group who, perhaps coincidentally, are almost all Harvard Law School graduates, are: Stephen Land chairs the D&S Tax Practice Group; Allan Taffet chairs the D&S Litigation Practice Group; Keith Blackman; David G. Samuels; Kirk Brett chairs the D&S Bankruptcy and Restructuring Practice Group and; Bruce Stachenfeld.

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