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Veteran executive finds new business in full Bloom

After 25 years working for other people, Carole Bloom decided to combine all of her skills and experience to form her own company.

In May 2016, she created the Bloomstone Group, a real estate advisory firm that offers a range of services from marketing and branding, sales and leasing, to design consulting.

More recently, Bloom also launched Silver Street Real Estate, a brokerage that deals with older rental buildings.

“I realized that, after working for over 25 years for various developers, I could offer a variety of services and work on a lot of different projects,” Bloom said. “I took all of my skills learned over the past 25 years and I put them all together.”

From her many years at Related, Brown Harris Stevens, Manhattan Skyline Management and other companies, Bloom has experience in everything from the dirt of a ground-up development, designing the spaces inside, to leasing out the new building.

She is also familiar with real estate reports and databases and even trained as an opera singer before moving into real estate.

With such a diverse skillset, she said that each day can be different.

“There’s one day where you’re working on the creative side and brand design, there’s another day you’re walking the building and pricing every single floor,” Bloom said. “Another day, you’re meeting with the developer to discuss the advertising and meeting with staff.”

Despite being a relatively new company, Bloom has already landed a number of major projects, including Henry Hall, the luxury rental building in Hudson Yards, and the Watermark building in Long Island City.

Henry Hall, which reached more than 90 percent leased in less than 10 months, aimed to incorporate elements of a boutique hotel or club into the lifestyle of a rental building.

To accomplish this, Bloom was tasked with co-ordinating the amenity spaces, working with the interior designer, Ken Fulk, and also helping to create the model apartments.

On the personnel side of things, she also hired the leasing team, worked on the advertising and media, while also helping with the affordable housing portion of the building.

Acting almost like a director, Bloom said she had a hand in most aspects of the new Hudson Yards project.

Similarly, with the Watermark rental building, Bloom was tasked with the marketing and branding, but also worked on the amenities, furniture and pricing of the building.

For her, all of her work goes towards making sure the potential resident would feel at home.

“I always strived for excellence, that was something I learned at Related about how important the customer experience is and the importance of how a building looks,” Bloom said. “From the moment a customer walks into a building, that whole experience is important.”

While there are many competitors offering the one-stop-shop style of consulting, Bloom said that her company offers a more personal, face-to-face interaction with the owner coupled with her decades of experience.

According to Bloom, other companies may offer an equally impressive list of services, but she and Bloomstone have the years of experience through working on more than 60 buildings in the past to back it up.

Currently, Bloomstone Group is working with Jonathan Rose Companies on its new luxury rental in Brooklyn Heights.

Her group is again tasked with handling several aspects of the development process, including amenity space design, branding, pricing and leasing, for the building which is expected to open at the end of this year.

And even though it sounds like a lot to handle, Bloom said she’s used to the fast-paced and demanding nature of working with a full plate at all times.

“There’s a rhythm to it, and when you’ve been doing this for a long time, you’re able to allocate your time properly,” she said.

“But just like anything else, you just follow the steps even though things are happening all at the same time.”

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