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Meadows, Cambridge partner to bring quiet to the modern workplace


Meadows Office Interiors has announced a partnership with Cambridge Sound Management to provide sound masking solutions that promote increased employee productivity.

As the trend of collaborative open offices proliferates, noise management has become a problem, according to expert.

Together, Meadows and Cambridge are now designing innovative sound-masking plans for a diverse portfolio of workspaces.


According to a study by furniture manufacturer Herman Miller, ‘overheard conversations’ are the biggest complaint of office workers. Noting that unimpeded human speech can be heard from up to 50 feet away, the study says it’s not surprising that noise can deeply impact employee stress.

Researchers have documented the effect of noise on both stress and short-term memory, noting that answering phone calls, or taking notes is made much more difficult when distracting talk occurs in the background.

The same study proves that quieter offices result in an approximately 27 percent decline in stress. Adding sound masking to an open office space is the acoustical equivalent of tripling the distance between workers.


As a leading workplace strategist, Meadows assists companies in re-configuring workspaces,  planning furnishings and layout to result in optimal productivity for employees.

Designers at Meadows and acoustical engineers at Cambridge will now work together to design the space and install sound masking technology for true open-office collaboration.


Sound masking in offices began in the 1960s with noise that emulated moving air. In the decades that followed, it evolved, and in 1970 it was generated electronically. Back then, sound masking itself could be distracting, but today,  studies have proven the vastly beneficial effects these techniques can have on an environment.


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