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Mancini Duffy launches curation services company

Mancini Duffy, a full-service firm specializing in architecture, planning and interior design, has launched MDLX, a new company that offers personal, curatorial services at a corporate scale.

MDLX delivers luxe, “final layer design,” encompassing everything from decorative lighting and artwork to bookshelf styling and the finer details that establish a deeper expression of a client’s brand.

Christian Giordano

“MDLX is Mancini’s response to the dynamic shifts we’re seeing in today’s design industry,” said Christian Giordano, president of Mancini. ”We are committed to continuously evolve and rethink how we deliver new dimensions of client-driven design.”

MDLX is spearheaded by Maureen Baker and Sara Bergman, associates at Mancini.

Baker, who brings a decade’s worth of high-end design experience, oversees the creative aspects of MDLX.

Bergman runs operations and facilitates business development as a liaison between MDLX and Mancini.

“At MDLX, our goal is to craft the moment when the finishing touches evoke a clients’ brand in a more tangible way,” said Baker. “It’s that satisfied feeling you get when all the details are thoughtful and intentional.”

Drawing on contract and custom-order sources as well as local and global artisans and fabricators, MDLX “elevates the personality of a space, selecting items that are tailored to resonate with each client.”

“We get to know our clients in a way that is different than the typical design dialogue,” said Baker. “This deeper level of communication empowers us to establish a unique identity, together, through carefully curated design moments.”

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