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Real Estate Weekly is the  paper of the industry, and the longest-running real estate publication in New York City, published since 1955. Our print issue, published every Wednesday, reaches more than 30,000 readers in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Long Island, and Westchester.

For the past 66 years we have documented the growth and importance of the real estate industry in the most prized real estate market in the country, covering the legendary developers, brokers, managers, builders and personalities, all of whom have had a major impact on how real estate is valued and utilized.

In both print and digital formats, Real Estate Weekly has obtained a reputation for thorough reporting, accuracy and relevance. Real Estate Weekly is a must-read for the thousands of men and women in the industry who rely on its content for timely information and news.

We focus on the industry as a community; we serve our readers by distilling the news in concise, understandable articles; and we provide a product that has created a trusted and respected environment for advertisers.

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