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Words of advice for young real estate leaders

“Young leaders in real estate should know that urbanism and technology are changing the way people live and work. People are demanding more flexible spaces, more opportunity for social interaction, and a higher level of service than ever before, and our industry, like every other, must change to meet these new demands. It’s an exciting time in our business and young leaders should bring collaboration, innovation and creativity to the real estate industry.”

Bill Rudin, Vice Chairman and CEO, Rudin Management.

“Leadership isn’t about prestige or status or even about intelligence. Successful leadership is about clarity of goals and the ability to convey those goals in a way that motivates people to act in concert. From Alexander the Great, to Napoleon, to Churchill and Reagan, it has always been so.”

Mary Ann Tighe, CEO, New York Tri-State Region, CBRE

“One of the great things about working in this industry is seeing the passion it inspires. As our young leaders, you already know that passion. I would challenge you to build on that and nurture it in the next generation as well.”

Marc Holliday, CEO, SL Green Realty Corp.

“There are three golden guidelines that every rising sales broker should internalize: First impressions are forever; know your product and the market so you’re always prepared to offer an informed and intelligent response; and compel your clients to take action, helping them solve problems and find solutions that will lead to the best results.”

Joe Barbaccia, Senior Vice President of Brokerage Services and Education, REBNY

“I always enjoyed leading and wanted to be part of something larger than myself. Managing isn’t for everyone, but if you believe as I do that integrity truly matters, you embrace responsibility, employ strong communication skills, enjoy multi-tasking and making others around you better, it could be for you.”

Stephen Berliner, Executive Vice President, New York Tri-State Region at Savills Studley

“To be a leader in the real estate community, one needs passion, commitment, the ability to both work hard and to never give up. You have to pick yourself up when you fall! The skill set needed to work in this industry in New York City is greater than in any other place because not only do you have to know real estate, but financing, technology, economic trends and marketing. Whatever the segment of the industry you have chosen, know that being informed, positive and energetic can make all the difference in the success of your career.”

Dottie Herman, President and CEO, Douglas Elliman

“My advice to young leaders in the industry on what it takes to be successful comes down to five fundamental principles: Understand the resources of your company; Focus and dedication are imperative; Find a mentor and learn everything you can from them; Surround yourself and collaborate with a team of professionals with different expertise; Research and understand the market and where it’s headed. You should know the industry inside and out.

Bruce Mosler, Cushman & Wakefield Chairman of Global Brokerage

“Remembering that the harder people work, the more “luck” they seem to have, my advice to young leaders is that they should develop a well thought out business plan, founded upon a unique value proposition; maintain active participation in industry networks; and build long-term relationships by exceeding client expectations.”

Jodi Pulice, Founder and CEO of JRT Realty Group, Inc.

“Leadership is rooted in the genuine desire for team success. Be passionate about your endeavors, surround yourself with talented people, and execute your plans with precision and conviction. The best leaders seek out new opportunities, share their vision, and look for the very best in every situation.”

Joseph Moinian, President and CEO, The Moinian Group

“A leader inspires belief, energy, and commitment in others. Spending time with your team, talking honestly, and actively listening garners loyalty, dedication, and success. The best leaders establish a culture of integrity, perseverance, and collaboration — force multipliers that are unparalleled and unsustainable in any other way.”

Daun Paris, President of Eastern Consolidated.

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