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WATCH: Retail tech at RECon – Touchable videos, indoor maps, counting pedestrians

REW TV takes a look at the coolest tech at ICSC Recon in Las Vegas. From touchable videos that help companies sell goods to programs that count cars and people on city streets, these start-ups offer new ways to boost sales.

For our round-up, we feature these five tech companies:

Cinematique- This New York City start-up offers touchable video. Imagine you’re watching a new movie and a hat that one of the actors is wearing catches your eye. Cinematique would allow you to touch that hat on the screen and ¬†then provide you a link where you can buy it.

Motionloft- This Mark Cuban-backed start-up tracks how many people and cars are in a certain area at any give time. The company’s data analytics tool helps retailers evaluate the performance of stores and determine the best operating hours.

LiveNinja – LiveNinja is a Miami-based start-up known for its Katana video chat program. The company’s platform works through kiosks that allow people to connect to a call center agent with just one click. It’s like tech support for walking around the mall. Earlier this year, the company raised funding from New York venture capital firm Scout Ventures.

Radius8 – This Princeton, New Jersey-based start-up digitally targets local customers to get them into physical stores. The company does this by analyzing what products people are looking for online within the radius of a certain store. Clothing brand Guess is rolling out the tool in its physical stores this summer.

Jibestream- This Canadian company offers maps that can track you indoors. If you happen to be in a mall, the tool may also provide information on products, telling you where to go when you’re looking for something specific, like a certain pair of shoes.

To see these tech tools in action, check out the videos below:






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