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Skanska shows off the technology itʼs using to build a better world

Skanska recently hosted Con-Tech in Context, a construction technology open house showcasing emerging technologies that the company is using to improve project delivery on sites across New York and nationwide.

The event featured interactive stations where more than 100 attendees were able to experience and interact with virtual environments and augmented reality using the new Oculus Quest headset.

There were also hands-on demonstrations of reality capture, drones, autonomous robotics, 3D modeling, and other technologies.

Skanska held a similar event in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania in September that drew nearly 100 attendees.

The company’s use of emerging technologies focuses on four innovation areas — digital collaboration, smart jobsite, smart buildings, and data analytics — that touch all phases of a project lifecycle and deliver a diverse set of benefits to stakeholders. Skanska’s innovation services continue to evolve alongside technology’s exponential growth.

The company strives to identify opportunities to use new tools and software to deliver better products to its clients while pushing the industry forward towards broader adoption of new technologies.

This month, the company introduced a new open-source database tool, the Embodied Carbon in Construction Calculator (EC3), which estimates and evaluates the carbon emissions contained within a variety of construction materials.

The new technology enables owners, contractors, and designers to calculate a project’s carbon footprint.

Skanska USA Chief Sustainability Officer, Beth Heider, FAIA, said, “We have only a short time to actionably reduce carbon emissions as a society. With our benchmarking and the EC3 tool, we more fully understand the emissions footprint of how and what we build — and can chart an urgent course toward its reduction.”

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