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How social media can help your building stand taller on New Yorkʼs busy skyline

By Sarah Berman, President, The Berman Group

Commercial and residential real estate developments now rely on social media campaigns for marketing that is targeted, and results-driven.

Media channels like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn allow companies to reach new markets and differentiate real estate assets, commercial and residential, in a crowded development market.

Today, social media supplements traditional real estate PR and marketing in a critical way – in many instances, it can create a brand or personality for the property and showcase the surrounding neighborhood with new dimension.

A particular focus is continued feature evolution on Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat, which create exciting platform opportunities that allow you to connect directly with key audiences.
Strategically Market the Neighborhood

Using Instagram, you can showcase the neighborhood your property resides in with new features like Instagram TV (IGTV) and Story Highlights. IGTV is a new feature launched last month that allows you to provide TV-like content.

Similar to live video, IGTV allows users to engage through the video by liking and commenting; while also available to watch on-demand like typical TV shows. Through this feature, you can showcase local activities, trendy restaurants, or events to a targeted audience that reside in, or near, the surrounding neighborhood, so that audiences can experience the local area.

Story Highlights is another feature new to Instagram. With Story Highlights, you can separate your most effective story content into categories that are easily available for future viewers.

For example, you can create a highlight thread on popular restaurants in the neighborhood. The opt-in nature of this content allows you to gauge follower insight and content effectiveness based on user behavior.

 Bring Your Property to the People
A new feature on Facebook, Facebook Watch Party, allows groups on Facebook to watch videos together, giving your audience an insider’s look into your latest project or property.

This feature allows you to interact and engage with your target audiences on a more personal level by providing a dynamic forum for interactive conversations with your followers.

Agents, brokers, or developers can bring a small community together in a Facebook Group and use the Watch Party function to showcase properties, receive feedback on promotional materials and highlight amenities within the building.  From there, a developer might group together potential commercial or residential brokers that have interest in their property to provide an exclusive video tour of the new project.Photo by Christopher/ Flickr

Google and YouTube also have their own versions of this feature — Google Uptime and YouTube Premieres. Providing this exclusive digital tour to your social media followers will build excitement around the building’s design and amenities.

In addition, video content is also more likely to be viewed for longer periods of time, thereby ensuring that your viewers remain engaged.

Leveraging Social Media Influencers
Engaging and working with social media influencers is a great way to leverage their existing and trusted brands and parlay a new following to your own. Utilizing Snapchat’s new feature Snapchat Storytellers, you can now easily identify influencers that align with your brand.
This feature provides brands with enhanced access to the influencers who navigate the platform fluently and have a built-in following. Through content partnerships, you can increase viewership to your property and direct the influencer’s support base to visit your accounts across all platforms, as well as drive traffic to your website.
Using Location-Based Social Features
A recently launched social feature of Snapchat, Snapchat Lenses, builds on users’ eagerness to share what they are doing with their social media community. The feature enables users to view video animation based on their current location.

It allows brands to create custom lenses to promote their message within the Snapchat community. You can post exclusive QR codes to your social media accounts as well as provide printed QR codes that can be posted around the neighborhood of the property to unlock lenses on their phone.

This feature facilitates outreach beyond the usual viewership, which builds buzz and anticipation, and can effectively market your property.
Engage with Your Community and Build Long-Term Relationships
More than anything, social media has been a powerful tool for breaking down the barriers between customers and brands, facilitating a more personal and customized experience for your target viewership.

New features from LinkedIn and Instagram allow you to engage with your community and gain more insight into who your followers are, while also cultivating strategic client relationships. Instagram recently rolled out a feature that allows you to have Q&A’s on Instagram Stories. Using the question sticker, you can gain insight into followers’ preferences, and facilitate a more meaningful conversation.

Additionally, LinkedIn has created a new messenger feature where connections can make voice clips that can be exchanged through live chats.

Gone are the days of generalized marketing; and these features allow brands to have direct access to potential commercial tenants, residential condo buyers or renters and respond in a more personal and targeted way.

Through social media, you have the power to expand and scale-up your message; which is critical to different properties in a competitive landscape. To build any building’s identity, it is necessary to have a thoughtful and impactful message and to distribute this message through as many channels as possible.

These innovative tools can propel your brand forward and make your property stand out—either commercial or residential.

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