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Q&A: The changing landscape of PR & Marketing


Lara Berdine, EVP of Quinn, one of the leading PR firms in commercial, residential and retail real estate, discusses the changing landscape in PR and marketing with Cassie Small, SVP, and Thiago Viana, AVP.

Lara: Thiago, how has the communications landscape changed in real estate?

Thiago: Real estate reporters are hungry for news, especially stories that will go viral in the digital space, so we find ways to make client news of interest to them. Strategically we ensure that the news, messaging and stories resonate with each audience we are targeting.

Lara: How has content evolved?


Cassie: Because of the size and breadth of our real estate practice — 30 PR executives in NYC, LA and Miami all focused on commercial, residential and retail real estate — we stay on top of trends, writers, freelancers, Influencers, speaking opportunities, events and partnerships.
Because we share intel across all our offices and pitch for each other, each client basically has a team of 30. The writers and influencers know they can get just about anything they need from us.

Lara: How important is it to measure results?

Cassie: Hugely important. When we find out that a story in one outlet drives more visitors to a residential development website than other outlets, we act.

Thiago: Our goal for each client is to add measurable value. This can take the form of increasing awareness, driving engagement, producing revenue, securing email addresses and elevating a brand.



Lara: What does Quinn’s mantra of thinking like a Chief Marketing Officer mean in the real estate space?

Cassandra: We make 3,600 recommendations for everything we do to make sure it is cross-promoted and amplified via the website, the media, Influencers, partners, social-media, digital ads, on-site activations, partnerships, new product ideas, call-to-action ideas, events and more.
We treat every initiative like a campaign. This is a huge differentiator for success.

Thiago: It’s cool how clients have been embracing this value add.

Lara: What is the biggest client compliment you have received recently?

Thiago: A client told us that Quinn’s ability to provide rapid strategic judgment allowed her and her team to feel confident that any situation her firm encounters would be handled efficiently, thoughtfully and professionally.

Lara: How about we end on that note!

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