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Nation’s governors elect Cuomo as their chairman

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo has been unanimously elected to serve as chair of the National Governors Association during the virtual 2020 Summer Meeting (pictured top).

Governor Cuomo, who will become the longest-serving governor in the country next year, is also the first governor from New York to become NGA’s chair and he is the first big state governor to take the gavel in nearly 50 years.

In his remarks, the Governor laid out his agenda for the NGA – America’s Recovery and Revival – focused on tackling COVID-19 and the economic recovery from it.

He also met with the NGA Executive Committee and addressed the conference in a governors’ only plenary session.

In a statement, the Governor said American has learned a hard lesson from the coronavirus and it was time to act on that.

 “This nation has seen MERS, SARS, Ebola, Swine Flu and now COVID. No one can tell us the name of the next virus or bacteria to attack us. But everyone tells us that it’s just a matter of time,” he said.

“Let’s institutionalize what we have learned so we are better prepared for the next invasion and let us design and implement a new public health system for this nation, because we just cannot go through this again.”

Cuomo said economists agree that, without financial assistance for state and local governments, the economy will struggle to rebound. The NGA is calling for $500 billion to be included in the next round of COVID relief legislation.

Cuomo: “There has never been a moment where state governments have been more instrumental in the lives of the people of this country. State governments are now in the forefront, and it is a new chapter in the governance of this country.

“This coming year, states are not only laboratories of democracy – we will also be the engines of economic renewal and the innovators of a new public health system. There is tremendous possibility in the nation’s recognition of the full potential of state governments.”

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