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Don’t cover up raw concrete floors, polish them

Polished concrete has significantly grown in popularity in recent years and is now widely used in a range of settings. Not only does it offer a more efficient solution in terms of time and money, it is also incredibly practical, extremely durable, adds points to the buildings LEED Certification, and it looks sleek and stylish.

With so many benefits and sustainable credentials polished concrete floors are still under used in large scale construction to date, however this trend is changing and with increased demand on the flooring solution, this will only improve the quality of workplace environments as well as reduce the impact on our natural resources and environments.

Value for Money

Regardless of the area to be covered or the type of flooring you ultimately choose, the main benefit of polished concrete from a cost point of view is that it represents extremely good value for money. This is true for a number of reasons:

  1. Polished Concrete is Environmentally Friendly

Concrete is unparalleled as an environmentally friendly flooring material, with the long life cycles, intrinsic energy efficiencies, improvement of indoor environmental quality and endless design options. Polished concrete adds points to the buildings LEED Certification. 

  • It’s Incredibly Hard-Wearing

Polished concrete floors are extremely tough and can withstand huge amounts of pressure, whether that’s from forklift trucks in a warehouse or high heeled shoes in a hallway. All of our polished concrete floors will be treated with penetrating stain protection which soaks into the surface and helps prevent staining from oil, water and grease. Our coatings are long lasting and difficult to break down through normal use, such as line-dancing.

  • Low Maintenance

When you choose polished concrete, you are investing in something that will look good for as long as possible, without having to spend hours scrubbing, wiping and dusting. Maintaining polished concrete flooring is very straightforward. Some maintenance is necessary, but these are the cheapest methods possible. The floor may need waxing or buffing every now and again to restore shine in areas of high dancing, but otherwise all it requires is mopping with a neutral cleaning agent.

  • It’s So Shiny!

You can’t beat the level of shine that you get from a polished concrete floor. Polished concrete has been treated with chemical densifier and ground with progressively finer grinding tools to achieve the desired shine and smoothness. The chemical treatment penetrates, densifies and hardens the exposed cement paste located in the top 3mm of the floor. Not only does this process add many years to the life expectancy of the floor, but it also takes it to a whole new level of shiny. Your floors will definitely have the wow factor!

  • A Range of Designs and Colors

Polished concrete is both incredibly stylish and practical at the same time, representing excellent value for money. It can be treated and finished in a range of dazzling effects and you can create a floor that is completely unique to your property. The process means no two polished concrete floors are ever the same. Your professional installer will be able to talk through the polished concrete design options with you to achieve a floor that is stunning.

Some of the typical uses of polished concrete floors include:

  • Large storage warehouses
  • Retail outlets
  • Supermarkets
  • Restaurants
  • Motor vehicle showrooms
  • Office buildings

Concrete is incredibly long-lasting and robust. It can last several decades in all kinds of buildings, from heavy industry to the office, and is therefore considered to be a sound investment in any property.

Because polished concrete is so versatile in terms of color and design, as well as being incredibly low maintenance and long-lasting, it is the most suitable solution for almost any environment requiring a hassle-free floor that also looks great.

Although polished concrete floors are easy to maintain and incredibly long-lasting, the process isn’t easy and requires specific skills and experience. Therefore, it is recommended that you call in the experts to ensure the job is done right the first time.

To find out more about polished concrete flooring, contact our expert advisors at KinCrete Flooring.

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