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Huddlewalls, CAVES put builder out front in evolution of construction technology sector

Innovative national contractor Suffolk, has unveiled the first of several Smart Labs it is creating to identify and testingnew construction technologies.

Located at the company’s new office space at One Pennsylvania Plaza, the lab could help transform the construction experience and revolutionize the industry, according to Chris Mayer, executive vice president and chief innovation officer at Suffolk.

“The momentum from our ‘build smart’ approach is unmistakable as we redefine what it means to be a builder and, more importantly, provide significant value and a positive project experience for clients, architects and trade partners,” said Mayer.

“We believe our Smart Labs are on the front lines of an industry disruption that will change the way buildings are designed and built, and we are excited to reinforce a culture of invention and curiosity – both in our own people and within the industry.”

While other industries have already been transformed by advanced technologies, construction productivity and innovation has lagged behind.

This inspired Suffolk to integrate its “build Smart” approach to the construction process, empowering project teams to explore innovative ways of leveraging new tools and technologies to provide value for their clients.

As a result, Suffolk Smart Labs will soon be located at its offices in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami, Tampa and Boston.
Suffolk Smart Labs will enable project teams to sit side by side with clients and partners to provide a collaborative project planning, design and construction experience that adds value for all stakeholders involved.

Smart Labs will be equipped with sophisticated tools and the latest interactive technologies such as:

• A Data Wall: Provides predictive analytics and operational performance indicators to effectively measure critical areas of its business.

• A Huddlewall: Facilitates Lean pull planning meetings, provides closer collaboration and helps integrate 3D,
4D and 5D models, resulting in maximum project efficiency and optimized performance.

• A Virtual Reality CAVE: Showcases the future of construction by immersing users in sophisticated virtual models. It allows clients to virtually “step foot inside” their building before it is built and allows architects and project teams to identify and address logistical challenges before construction begins.

• Jobsite Feeds: Live streaming and time lapse of existing projects, and side-by-side comparisons of the current construction phase.

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