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Warburg forms sales partnership with Wallack Management Co.

Warburg Realty has formed a sales partnership with Wallack Management Company, a family-owned a companywith a portfolio of over 75 properties, including co-op, condos, rentals and single-family townhouses.

Burt Wallack, president of Wallack Management, said, “Board members and unit owners in properties we manage regularly request our advice when putting their apartments up for sale. We made the decision to affiliate with Warburg, a brokerage company that shares our values and commitment to integrity and the relationships we have with our clients.”

Each Wallack building has been assigned an expert advisor, or team who will work with Wallack Management to optimize sales values in the building.

Warburg has prepared an analysis specific to each building identifying its position within the marketplace, the expected value of each apartment, and how to effectively manage and maximize sales value.

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