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Adam America files plans for 72-unit luxury apartment tower at Boerum Hill church site

Adam America has filed plans for a 72-unit luxury apartment building at 24 Fourth Avenue in Boreum Hill.

According to a permit application filed with the Department of Buildings, the company is looking to build a 12-story tower at the former location of Church of the Redeemer near Barclays Center. The proposed structure will have 73,127 s/f of residential space, 6,657 s/f of commercial space and 410 s/f for a community facility. If approved as proposed, the building will have a height of 124 feet.

Plans call for 12 apartment units at the second, third and fourth floor. The number of units go down to three apartments each at the 11th and 12th floors. Planned amenities in the tower include a gym at the basement, an outdoor recreation area at the second floor and the roof and a dog spa in the cellar.

Adam America has two condominium properties in Boerum Hill. The Nevins, located at 319 Schermerhorn, is a 21-story tower designed by Issac & Stern. Adam America developed the building with Naveh Shuster Group. The company also built State + Bond, a six-story property at 75 Bond Street.  All of the five townhouses at the Ben Hansen-designed development are already in contract.

ODA Architecture is the architect of record for the project.

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  1. Carson
    May 18, 2017 - 10:26 PM

    For an Urban Real Estate Market to flourish and indeed for A Nation to Flourish the mobility of property helps, at the same time it may be a very sad thing and a sad statement overall as large swaths of once stabilizing institutions of spiritual strength become converted, mainly because the subtext is a weakening of faith and money to the lines for faith based organizations. In an odd way the very Religious Freedom which strengthened the birth of the Nation, may have also weakened the Faith of the Nation. On a Deal Level it’s not that deep I know money is made, money is lost, but on a faith basis one has to feel that the net loss of houses of spiritual refuge declining is not a very good trend at all. In Fact the marginalization of Faith has hurt certain elements of family and Community . These are a few links to what was once at the Church of the Reedemer site ,, , , …. somewhere today in the city… near you…. a local congregation could use your help on #Donations . They say people vote with their wallets but when the cost of living reaches a certain point it is not so much a symptom of a vote as much as a crowding out effect… just wanted to share this for a two point line on awareness for those involved in planning for a robust future with an eye to robust wealth in financial and spiritual terms.


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