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SL Green joins Mayorʼs zero waste challenge

SL Green Realty Corp. will participate in the New York City Mayor’s Zero Waste Challenge in partnership with two of its tenants across two million square feet.

The Challenge is a voluntary pilot program that encourages businesses to support a commitment to sending zero waste to landfills by 2030.

To meet the Challenge’s parameters, SL Green will expand on its waste management strategy through a three-step process: Source separation of all recyclable materials on site; Composting of organic waste onsite; Donation of all excess organic waste.

“We will navigate best practices to set a precedent for others in our industry and continue to focus on our market leading sustainability program,” said Edward V. Piccinich, Director of Management & Construction for SL Green.  “It is critical to pre-emptively align our waste strategy with relevant City goals and regulations.”

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