FEATURED DEAL: Dollars and sense

In a demonstration of just how important the right pricing is, Sydney Blumstein, Justine Lee Mills, Meris Blumstein and the Blumstein Team at Corcoran just closed on a $2.26 million West Village loft sale.

The 1,360 s/f one bedroom at 708 Greenwich had been completely renovated by the sellers, who’d bought the it through Blumstein for $1.5 million two years before.

Sydney Blumstein

Sydney Blumstein

Having met in Asia, the sellers wanted to price the home with the number eight for good luck. When it was listed a $2,388,888, a respectable $2.1 million offer was made.

But when that deal fell through, the Blumstein Team convinced the sellers to adjust the asking price to $1.999 million.

“We had an enormous response,ˮ said Sydney Blumstein. “Our open houses were flooded with visitors and we received nine offers in a bidding war. We ended up settling on an all-cash buyer at $2.26 million.
“By demonstrating to the market that this home was a deal (likely because it had been on the market for a while at such a higher price point) buyers jumped at the opportunity to purchase.ˮ

The home spent 119 days on the market. Julie Colyer of CORE represented the buyer.

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