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HAVE YOU HEARD: Rutenberg a sponsor for Wounded Warriors Project

Charles Rutenberg has become a corporate sponsor of the Wounded Warriors Project.
The firm, founded in 2007 by veteran Richard Friedman and his army buddy of 50 years, Larry Krug, has committed to a sponsorship program for recently returning U.S. armed forces veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan.

The program includes tuition for a complete course at a licensed real estate school in New York City and opportunities for employment to those vets passing the New York State examinations.

“We will be offering veterans an opportunity to make a living when they come home by helping pay for their real estate classes,” said Stefani Markowitz, president of Charles Rutenberg.
“My belief is that we wouldn’t be able to look at real estate, much less buy and sell it, without these heroes protecting our country.”


An art installation at TF Cornerstone 95 Horatio Street has joined Google’s Street Art collection.
The artwork – a canvas titled Cannonball by Estonian artist Anton Vill – was wrapped around the building’s rooftop water tank in fall 2014.

It is one of 100 pieces that are being mounted on rooftop water tanks throughout the city by The Water Tank Project, a public art endeavor that celebrates the talents of acclaimed artists and New York City’s public school students, while calling attention to the global water crisis.
The artwork atop TF Cornerstone’s 95 Horatio Street was installed by the Isseks Brothers as part of an initiative by Word Above the Street, a non-profit organization that strives to raise environmental awareness and social advocacy through art.

Google’s Street Art collection features images and online exhibitions from museums and organizations around the world and is available on the Google Art Project.
“We are thrilled to be a part of Google’s Street Art collection, which allows inspiring pieces like Anton Vill’s Cannonball to be viewed by and shared with a global audience,” said Sofia Estevez, executive vice president of TF Cornerstone.

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