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CRE marketing firm acquired

Didit, a digital advertising and marketing company based in Mineola, NY, has acquired LVM Group, a Manhattan-based public relations firm.

This acquisition enables Didit to expand its public relations presence to New York City and penetrate new industry sectors, and LVM Group to offer a much broader array of services.

“We are very excited to integrate the services of LVM Group into our Didit family of marketing services,” says Kevin Lee, chief executive officer of Didit. “Public relations people are the storytellers, and we can now support their efforts through various channels such as social media, content marketing, and SEO services in online marketing. This will ultimately benefit our combined clients with quality content that can be delivered and then live on to gain further traction in the digital landscape.”

“Social media are an increasingly important component of public relations,” says David M. Grant, president of LVM Group. “We now offer this service in greater depth to further enhance the reputation of our clients, along with any additional marketing services they may require. At the same time, we continue to offer our more traditional public relations services with the same excellent team aboard. The difference is that now we are part of a truly integrated marketing agency.”

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