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Play it again Laureate

Another $6 million plus sale has just been closed at The Laureate.


In the same week Brown Harris SELECT released three new penthouses to the market, Corcoran’s Elizabeth Sahlman and Liora Yalof (pictured) brought in a buyer for Unit 14B.

The 2,790 s/f four bedroom, 4 bath floor-through home has a grand entrance gallery and open views from a “great room” looking out over Broadway.

The custom kitchen was designed by Deborah Berke, who also applied her deft hands to the five-fixture master bath, which has a custom double sink with art deco inspired faucets, walls and counters in Banco marble with an Orion blue marble wainscot.

Shlomi Reuveni and his BHS team have been credited with turning The Laureate, at 2150 Broadway, into the city’s fastest selling luxury condo.

At latest count, over 80% of the 71 apartments in the building had been sold or are in contract at an average price above $6 million.

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