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Pioneers paving a green path

Glen Shaprio (left) loads up on GreenPatch

First it caught the attention of government agencies like New York City’s Department of Transportation, then private sector road contractors and utility companies like Con Edison, because it didn’t contain diesel and other cancer-causing petroleum solvents and VOCs (volatile organic compounds) found in conventional cold patch asphalt.

But two years after being rolled out by a Queens-based company for pothole and street cut repairs, GreenPatch — an unprecedented eco-friendly alternative asphalt patching material that contains zero VOCs, and instead uses organic, renewable and plant-based solvents — has added the commercial and residential real estate industry to its growing list of users.

Commercial and residential contractors and building owners and managers in the five boroughs are using GreenPatch for repairing blacktop pavement of parking lots, walking paths, courtyards and recreational areas.

GreenPatch, developed by Queens-based Cofire Industries, LLC after two years of laboratory and field testing, is the industry’s first cold mix asphalt that does not use diesel fuel and other petroleum derivatives.

In addition, 60% of GreenPatch consists of recycled material and the product itself is 100% recyclable. Other so-called “green” asphalt products use a small percentage of recyclable materials in their mix, but all of them still contain petroleum solvents.

“Commercial and residential contractors, building management companies and building owners are abandoning conventional cold patch asphalt and replacing it with GreenPatch when making repairs to the blacktop pavement around their properties,” said Glenn Shapiro, vice president of ,arketing.

“GreenPatch uses organic, sustainable solvents that are safe to human life, pets, plants and the environment. By eliminating conventional cold patch asphalt, contractors and building managers and owners are eliminating the harmful petroleum solvents that run off into the ground and water, and evaporate into the air,” Shapiro said.

Shapiro said the conversation about sustainability in existing commercial and residential buildings tends to focus on transitioning to energy efficient systems, water conservation and other obvious green conversions. But the industry deserves credit, he said, for going beyond the conventional measures by addressing something that is low on the radar screen.

“They are making the environment safer for their tenants, pets, plant life and the overall environment,” Shapiro said.

GreenPatch is currently approved for use in 15 states and European countries. Several agencies have replaced conventional cold mix asphalt with GreenPatch, including the NYC DOT, City Department of Environmental Protection and Westchester County Department of Transportation.

Cold Mix Manufacturing, Inc., also Queens-based and the distribution arm of Cofire Industries, is a member of the United States Green Buildings Council and National Green Energy Council. GreenPatch is the only product ever endorsed by the NGEC.

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  1. Anonymous
    Jun 01, 2011 - 05:10 PM

    The claim that “all of them still contain petroleum solvents” is not true.  Package Pavement Co., a NY based cold patch manufacturer since 1951, has offered a VOC free eco-friendly balcktop patch for a couple of years. The PPCO product was developed to preform as well as the old designs that contained petroleum based cutbacks, using only plant based solvents.   

  2. Anonymous
    Jul 13, 2011 - 05:34 PM

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  3. Anonymous
    Jul 13, 2011 - 05:45 PM

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