Photo Gallery: Kensington Vanguard and Meister Seelig celebrate return of real estate market

Title insurance company Kensington Vanguard National Land and law firm Meister Seelig & Fein sponsored an event to celebrate the uptick in the real estate market at the Ainsworth restaurant in Chelsea. Around 400 people attended.

The organizers were Matthew Kasindorf, a partner of Meister Seelig and chairman of its real estate department, and Jarrett Fein and Brian Cooper, co-CEOs of Kensington.

“Our event was a resounding success,” said Kasindorf in a statement. “Our goal was to jump-start the spring season and to create a positive networking environment for what looks like the end of a long, painful recession.”

“Matt and I agree that the recent wave of new deals shows that themarket is taking off,” said Fein in a statement. “Things are indeed looking brighter and ourinnovative, experienced and market savvy clients are demonstratingtheir optimism about the market by participating in an upsurge ofdeals.”

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